Dontrel Johnson  -  8th Grade Student

Room 302

Dontrel Johnson believes his homeroom will win also as he tells Floyd on the playground that Room 302 is going to stomp Room 301.  Dontrel is a very articulate and poised student for his age.  His vocabulary is uncommon and unexpected.  College Week is “Epic” Dontrel says in his cool calm demeanor.  Dontrel masterfully directs his classmates during their College Week preparation.  His classmates show him respect, usually reserved for elders.  Dontrel takes the competition seriously and plans to emerge victorious.  His eighth grade homeroom teacher Ms. Maclin says, “Dontrel is a special young man because he has fervor for learning.  He’s one of our great readers, thinkers, and leaders. He is someone who takes ownership; he’s accountable and responsible.  Dontrel is small, but despite his stature he has a large character which is respected by his peers.  Students know who really challenges themselves in the classrooms academically. They know who stands out and why they stand out.”  


College Week is an important  week for our students because it may be the first encounter many of them have with a collegiate experience.

Ms. Maclin, 8th Grade Reading Teacher

Dontrel Johnson

Why University of Louisville?

I chose the University of Louisville because of their rich athletic and academic tradition.  I played college sports and really like the spirit and enthusiasm that’s generated around college athletic.  I think that’s something that my students will enjoy.  

     - Ms. Maclin

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