Floyd Glass  -  8th Grade Student

Room 301

Floyd Glass is a spirited and respectful student who instinctively knows how to attract people who can help him.  His family has already experienced homelessness, as well as intense challenges associated with his father being in and out of jail, and on and off drugs.  Floyd has had opportunities to make wrong choices, but with the help of dedicated teachers like Dr. Hines, he’s made major decisions to stay on course and get the best out of his education.  He readily admits that Dr. Hines is like a father to him. He says his ‘tough love’ approach has helped him deal with rough situations.  Floyd’s attitude is always upbeat because he has learned at a young age to minimize the impact of the problems he faces.  Floyd also understands that participating in College Week every year has given him the opportunity to get a clear vision for his future.  Floyd prepares for College Week with laser focus not commonly found in teenagers.  When asked who is going to win the eighth grade competition, he smiles brightly, and says his homeroom will win because they have learned more than other students.


College Week is very important at Spencer because for too many years there has been a low level of college entrance for members of the Westside area.

Dr Hines, 8th Grade Reading Teacher

Floyd Glass

Why Royal National College?

I chose Royal National College for the Blind because I want my students to know the challenges blind students face in college as well as society at large. I also want to show them the survival skills that blind students adapt on college campuses.

       - Dr. Hines

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