‘OJ’ Hardison  -  8th Grade Student

Why Northwestern University?

I chose Northwestern University because of their rich academic tradition.  I also wanted to expose my students to a university that is  close to Chicago.  I wanted them to learn about a college within the university, the Bienen School of  Music, which has an excellent  tradition.   

         - Ms. Bond

Room 307

OJ is a curious and energetic teenager who says that one of the major challenges she faces is gun violence.  She says that she does not want to end up like other kids in her neighborhood, either in jail or dead.  OJ says that coming to school helps her stay on track.  She will not consider nor entertain the bad choices her older brothers have made, as she has witnessed the consequences of their actions. Her challenging environment has shaped her into a responsible, motivated and thoughtful young lady.  Her homeroom teacher Ms. Bond says, “OJ is an ideal student; creative, spontaneous, exciting, and motivating. She’s one who will make something happen instead of watching something happen. She’s a born leader.”  As a veteran teacher of over 25 years, Ms. Bond definitely knows!  OJ is soft spoken and seemingly shy, but extremely focused.  She is a fierce competitor who realizes that College Week is just the beginning of her road to success.  OJ prepares meticulously for the competition, learning all she can about her homeroom’s selected college.   She expects to exceed all expectations and displays intense determination during College week.  OJ knows opportunity when she sees it, and is not afraid to relentlessly pursue it.


I believe education determines your destination.  I believe without it you don't have much hope of a destination.  I believe education is the only chance of an even plane in our society.

Ms. Bond, 8th Grade Writing Teacher

‘OJ’ Hardison
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