Dr. Shawn Jackson, Principal

Why College Week Works at Spencer?

Spencer Technology Academy is one of five technology academies in the Chicago Public Schools. Teachers use the latest technology in their instruction, incorporating SMARTBOARDS, Turning Point clickers, Audio Enhancement systems, and LCD projectors in their everyday instruction. Spencer Academy has three computer labs, two Science Labs, and full wireless capabilities.

Mission Statement

The mission of Spencer Elementary Technology Academy is to offer students a comprehensive curriculum that is engaging and encourages them to enjoy the process of learning. We are committed to providing students a quality education, encompassing Math, Science, and Reading, while utilizing technology and real life experiences as the means to enhance classroom instruction.

Vision Statement

The vision of Spencer Elementary Technology Academy is to create a learning environment that exposes our students to a rigorous curriculum, utilizing technology as a driving force to "move our students beyond their immediate."

Spencer Technology Academy

College Week works at Spencer because all of the stakeholders have bought into the program.  This includes Principal Dr. Shawn Jackson, teachers, students, administrators and the community as well.

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