Ms. Bond  -  8th Grade Reading Teacher

Why Northwestern University?

I chose Northwestern University because of their rich academic tradition.  I also wanted to expose my students to a university that is  close to Chicago.  I wanted them to learn about a college within the university, the Bienen School of  Music, which has an excellent  tradition.

Room 307

On a bright spring day Ms. Bond leaves her small home at 6:15 a.m. to pick up five grandchildren from two locations to bring them 20 miles away to Spencer Technology Academy. While driving to school Ms. Bond shares her concerns for the future of her eighth grade students. As Ms. Bond enters the school 90 minutes before the start of her first class, her grandchildren follow close behind.  The view from Ms. Bond’s third floor classroom window is symbolic of how her student’s lives can turn out.  Peering east we see Chicago’s impressive skyline (just six miles away), but as we look down to the street below we see two abandoned and boarded up buildings.  

This year Ms. Bond and her homeroom students choose to represent Northwestern University in the College Week competition.  She enlists Ms. Elder, a parent of a student in her homeroom to help with preparation.  Ms. Elder is considered THE difference maker in past competitions. Every teacher that Ms. Elder has assisted has won the coveted College Week Championship title for their grade level.  Ms. Bond also enlists help from her 83 year old mother, a former school teacher who retired just three years ago.  Ms. Bond is definitely “stacking the deck.”  She has won the coveted College Week Championship title since its inception six years ago, and does not plan on losing any time soon!


I believe education determines your destination.  I believe without it you don't have much hope of a destination.  I believe education is the only chance of an even plane in our society.

Ms. Bond, 8th Grade Writing Teacher

Ms. Bond
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