Ms. Maclin - 8th Grade Reading Teacher

Why University of Louisville?

I chose the University of Louisville because of their rich athletic and academic tradition.  I played college sports and really like the spirit and enthusiasm that’s generated around college athletic.  I think that’s something that my students will enjoy.

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Ms. Janene Maclin, a 28 year old reading teacher, is a former Division I college basketball player who also teaches an exercise boot-camp class to adults before she arrives at school.  Students typically challenge young teachers and give them a hard time.  Ms. Maclin erases all doubts by playing in the annual “teachers versus students” College Week homecoming basketball game.  She chooses the biggest and toughest boy to guard to show other students that she is no pushover.  She takes a few bumps and gets a few bruises, but she gains the respect of the girls and boys after the game.  Ms. Maclin serves not only as a teacher, but also a big sister and mother figure to many students.  Ms. Maclin and her students choose the University of Louisville for their homeroom.  She is insulted when asked whether her homeroom can compete with Ms. Bond’s homeroom.  She reminds everybody that she has had success with College Week in the past and that she is not afraid of Ms. Bond or Dr. Hines!

College Week is an important  week for our students because it may be the first encounter many of them have with a collegiate experience.

Ms. Maclin, 8th grade reading teacher

Ms. Maclin
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